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Bayern Munich CEO denounces ESL as threat to national leagues

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Bayern Munich CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen has reaffirmed the club’s rejection of the European Super League (ESL), calling it an “attack on the importance of national leagues.”

This comes in response to the European Court of Justice’s recent ruling that UEFA violated EU law by blocking the rival competition.

Dreesen emphasized Bayern’s commitment to the integrity of national leagues, stating, “The Bundesliga forms the foundation of FC Bayern, just as all national leagues form the foundation of European football clubs.”

Bayern Munich, a six-time European champion, has consistently opposed any attempts to break away from established football structures.

The CEO’s remarks shed light on the club’s stance amid the ongoing debate surrounding the ESL, which initially saw 12 clubs sign up in 2021, excluding Bayern. Dreesen noted, “We have taken note of the judgment of the European Court of Justice. However, this does not change the attitude of FC Bayern.”

He continued, “It is our duty and our deep conviction to strengthen national leagues, not weaken them. The door for the Super League at FC Bayern remains closed.”

The statement further highlighted the unique position of German clubs, subject to the “50+1 rule,” ensuring member control over operations.

This regulation stands in contrast to other major European leagues, contributing to Bayern Munich’s steadfast opposition to any breakaway plans.

As the debate over the future of European football continues, Bayern Munich remains a stalwart defender of the traditional footballing structure, asserting its commitment to national leagues and UEFA-sanctioned competitions.

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