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New Year: Mayor Eric Adams praises impact of faith community on NYC, outlines achievements, future plans

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In a heartfelt message, Mayor Eric Adams has expressed gratitude to the vibrant faith community that has played a pivotal role in shaping the city over the past year.

The mayor, addressing New Yorkers, acknowledged the power of prayers and partnership that have contributed to the city’s progress.

Over the course of 2023, the collaborative efforts between the city administration and interfaith clergy have yielded tangible results.

Mayor Adams highlighted significant improvements, with job rates on the rise and a notable decrease in crime, attributing these successes to the collective hard work of the community.

He outlined key focus areas for the upcoming year, ranging from addressing gun violence and supporting asylum seekers to tackling mental health challenges, ensuring affordable housing, combating food insecurity, and advancing anti-hate initiatives.

Adams’s message reads:

“This is Eric Adams, your mayor and your brother, thanking all of you for your prayers and partnership.

“Over the past year, New York City is blessed to have our faith community leading the way. All your efforts and hard work have helped us make significant strides to towards building a more just and inclusive city for all.

“Our collaboration with interfaith clergy across the city has prepared us for a productive 2024.

“In 2023 jobs are up, crime is down, and we’re delivering for working New Yorkers. Thanks to your help. Together we can address the many critical issues that face our city from gun violence, asylum seekers, mental health, affordable housing, food insecurity, and our anti hate initiatives.

“Thank you for your tireless effort as faith leaders, congregations, and New Yorkers, and best wishes for a peaceful, impactful new year.”

Mayor Adams’s message serves as both a reflection on the achievements of the past year and a call to action for the challenges that lie ahead, united by the spirit of collaboration and shared responsibility among New York City’s diverse residents.

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