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US judge begins to unseal Epstein contacts

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A New York judge commenced the process of revealing the identities associated with the late financier Jeffrey Epstein, who died by suicide in 2019 while awaiting trial for sex crimes.

The unfolding disclosure, initiated on Wednesday, encompasses nearly 1,000 pages of depositions and statements, including notable figures such as former US Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Importantly, neither Clinton nor Trump face any accusations of wrongdoing in connection with Epstein’s case.

The revealed list, featuring approximately 150 individuals, includes former Epstein associates previously anonymized as John or Jane Does in a lawsuit brought against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s former mistress.

It is essential to note that this list does not carry allegations of complicity in Epstein’s crimes. This disclosure is part of an ongoing defamation proceeding between Maxwell, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2022, and Virginia Giuffre, a plaintiff in the case.

Several individuals listed under pseudonyms have objected to the public revelation of their identities, citing potential victimization in their respective home countries. In response, lawyers for one such individual, identified as “Doe 107,” have requested additional time to submit grounds for keeping their name sealed.

The anticipated release of names has generated speculation and, in some cases, baseless allegations, as seen with public figures like comedian Jimmy Kimmel and actor Tom Hanks being drawn into conspiratorial discussions on various platforms.

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