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Biden administration issues ultimatum to Texas over blocking federal agents at U.S. border

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The Biden administration has warned the state of Texas to cease obstructing federal Border Patrol agents from accessing a portion of the U.S. southern border under the control of state National Guard soldiers.

Jonathan Meyer, the top lawyer at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), deemed Texas’s actions “clearly unconstitutional” and demanded compliance with federal regulations.

Meyer highlighted the abrupt takeover of Eagle Pass’ Shelby Park by the Texas National Guard, impeding federal operations aimed at apprehending migrants and responding to distress situations. The letter noted the tragic drowning of three migrants near Shelby Park on Friday, emphasizing the interference with federal efforts to address such incidents.

The Biden administration has given Texas until the end of the day on Wednesday to relent, threatening to refer the matter to the Justice Department if the state fails to comply. The dispute has escalated as Texas defends its move to secure Shelby Park with armed soldiers, fencing, and razor wire, asserting it as a deterrent against unlawful migrant crossings.

Meyer, in his letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, underscored the federal government’s role in regulating immigration, condemning the state’s obstruction of federally authorized activities. The legal dispute has now reached the Supreme Court, with the Justice Department seeking to suspend a lower court ruling that prevented Border Patrol from removing razor wire along sections of the U.S. southern border, hindering their processing and rescue operations.

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