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UK Defense Secretary contemplates further action against Houthis in Yemen

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In a press statement on Monday, British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps disclosed that the United Kingdom is adopting a cautious stance regarding potential additional strikes against Houthi forces in Yemen.

Shapps emphasized that the primary objective is not to engage directly in Yemen but rather to send a resolute message to the Iranian-backed Houthis, condemning their unacceptable behavior in the Red Sea.

The announcement follows a collaborative operation conducted last week in the Red Sea by the United States and the United Kingdom. When questioned by Sky News about the likelihood of supporting further strikes, Shapps clarified, “Our intention is not to go into Yemen or anything like that, but simply to send a very clear, I hope, unambiguous message to the Iranian-backed Houthis.” The defense secretary underscored the necessity of addressing the Houthis’ actions threatening international shipping.

“We will now watch and monitor the situation very carefully,” Shapps asserted, highlighting the importance of a vigilant approach. He further stated, “Let’s wait and see what happens because it’s not that we want to be involved in action in the Red Sea. But ultimately, freedom of navigation is an international right.” This measured response underscores the UK’s commitment to preserving international maritime security while carefully assessing the evolving situation in the region.

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