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Trump’s closing argument raises concerns over alleged democratic infiltration in New Hampshire GOP primary

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Former President Donald Trump’s concluding message to New Hampshire voters has sparked controversy as he makes unfounded claims about the upcoming primary election.

During a gathering in Portsmouth, Trump asserted that Democrats are orchestrating an “infiltration” to influence the Republican primary in support of former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

Addressing a crowd in Atkinson the following night, Trump repeated these claims, further asserting that Democrats aim to “cancel out” votes cast for him. This rhetoric is built on a baseless premise, overlooking the legal provision that allows undeclared voters, constituting 40% of the state’s registered voters, to participate in the GOP primary on January 23.

Under New Hampshire law, undeclared residents, along with registered Republicans, are eligible to vote in the GOP primary, while registered voters are restricted to one party’s primary. The deadline for party registration changes expired in early October, with only a minimal number of voters altering their affiliation.

With a more moderate electorate compared to Iowa, where Trump recently secured a resounding victory, New Hampshire provides a potential battleground for Haley to challenge Trump. Despite concerns raised by Trump about left-leaning individuals participating in the Republican primary, a Republican political strategist in New Hampshire believes Trump will secure a significant win.

Trump’s rhetoric in New Hampshire is emblematic of his continued embrace of misinformation surrounding voting in the U.S., perpetuating claims that the 2020 election was “stolen.” Campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung affirmed Trump’s assertions regarding Haley’s reliance on liberals and Democrats.

In addition to his political claims, Trump also pledged support for New Hampshire, promising to address energy costs and attend to the state’s fishing and veteran communities. Despite the controversy, Trump sought to end his message on a positive note, acknowledging the resilience of New Hampshire patriots with the state’s iconic motto, “Live Free or Die.”

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