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Andrew Cuomo sues attorney general for records in sexual harassment probe

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Former New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has taken legal action against State Attorney General Letitia James in a bid to compel the release of interviews conducted during the comprehensive sexual misconduct investigation that ultimately led to his resignation.

Cuomo filed the case on Thursday in a New York state court, contending that access to the complete witness statements is crucial for his defense against two sexual harassment lawsuits connected to the investigation.

This move follows a prior federal judge’s decision last year, wherein a request for similar records by Cuomo in a separate case was denied. Once a prominent figure in the Democratic Party, Cuomo resigned in 2021 subsequent to a report by the attorney general’s office, which concluded that he had sexually harassed a minimum of 11 women. Despite the allegations, Cuomo steadfastly denies any wrongdoing, and both he and his supporters have consistently criticized Attorney General James and the perceived injustice in the sexual misconduct investigation.

While the former governor’s political career suffered a significant setback with his resignation, recent developments suggest that Cuomo may be contemplating a return to the political arena. Amidst these legal maneuvers, Cuomo’s spokesperson and allies have taken the opportunity to question the fairness of the investigation led by Letitia James. As of now, there has been no immediate comment from James or her spokesperson regarding Cuomo’s legal action.

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