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US grapples with over 80 weather-related fatalities amid lingering cold

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The relentless grip of severe winter weather across the United States has resulted in a distressing toll, with a total of 83 confirmed weather-related fatalities documented in a recent CBS News tally. This somber count persists as the nation contends with hazardous cold conditions extending across various states.

The Tennessee Department of Health has verified 19 fatalities attributable to the inclement weather, while Oregon officials have confirmed 16, including a tragic incident involving three adults who lost their lives when a tree toppled onto their vehicle. Remarkably, a baby in the same car managed to survive, as previously reported by CBS News.

The toll of weather-related casualties extends beyond Tennessee and Oregon, with additional fatalities reported in states such as Illinois, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Washington, Kentucky, Wisconsin, New York, and New Jersey, among others. Investigations are underway to confirm the weather-related nature of certain deaths, including one resulting from a five-way car crash in Kentucky and four in Illinois, two of which were attributed to a car accident.

As the dangerous weather persists into the weekend, tens of millions of Americans are waking up to bitterly cold temperatures below the seasonal average. The Eastern half of the country is poised to experience some of the most frigid weather conditions this season, accompanied by perilous wind chills and hard freeze warnings extending even into Northern Florida. Experts caution the public to prioritize safety by layering up when venturing outdoors, exercising caution with devices like space heaters, and remaining vigilant for symptoms of severe conditions such as hypothermia.

On the West Coast, Oregon remains in a state of emergency following destructive ice storms that left over 45,000 customers without power. Additional power outages have been reported in states including Pennsylvania, California, New Mexico, and Indiana. The aftermath of these weather-related incidents underscores the critical need for continued vigilance and preparedness in the face of ongoing meteorological challenges.

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