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Westchester County police officer saves infant’s life with swift CPR action

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Officer Stephen Samuel of the Westchester County Police Department emerged as a hero when he successfully revived a non-responsive and breathless one-year-old in Mount Kisco.

The dramatic rescue unfolded at around 1:50 a.m. on Thursday after a 911 call reported the dire situation.

Upon arrival at the residence, Officer Samuel, fueled by urgency, skillfully took charge of the critical situation, swiftly performing CPR on the distressed infant.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, he even administered back blows to clear any potential airway obstructions, showcasing a remarkable level of dedication to saving a life.

Despite initial moments of despair as the child remained unresponsive, Officer Samuel’s persistence paid off. With a mix of relief and jubilation, he witnessed the infant take a crucial breath, accompanied by a faint cry.

Ensuring continued care, another officer, Emanuel Anjo, joined the efforts by checking for obstructions in the child’s mouth and removing excess mucus to facilitate better breathing.

The Westchester EMS paramedic and members of the Mount Kisco Volunteer Ambulance Corps arrived promptly to take over the medical care of the infant and transport her to Northern Westchester Hospital Center.

In a heartwarming follow-up, at 4:30 a.m. the same morning, Officer Samuel and Officer Anjo visited the hospital to connect with the family and medical staff. Their fears were put to rest as they learned that the little girl was recovering well and anticipated to be discharged later in the day.

Commissioner Terrance Raynor expressed his gratitude, stating, “When every second counted, it is gratifying to know that this child and her family could count on the Westchester County Police.”

He commended the officers for their skillful and decisive actions, emphasizing the positive outcome that exemplifies the rigorous emergency aid training provided to the force.

Respecting the privacy of the family, the names and location are being withheld.

About Westchester County: A Community of Resilience and Diversity

Nestled in the heart of the historic Hudson Valley, Westchester County covers 500 square miles and is home to a population of just over one million.

Originally inhabited by Native Americans of the Lenape tribe, the county is now a vibrant blend of cultures, landscapes, and communities.

Boasting bustling cities, charming villages, and picturesque towns, Westchester is characterized by open spaces and a network of beautiful parks.

With six cities, 19 towns, and 20 villages, Westchester County is renowned for its top-notch public schools, high quality of life, and diverse cultural offerings.

The region serves as an intellectual capital, housing a highly educated workforce, prestigious colleges and universities, Fortune 500 companies, impactful non-profits, and cutting-edge research centers.

Under the leadership of County Executive George Latimer since January 2018, Westchester County is committed to inclusivity and openness, striving to make it a welcoming destination for all to live, work, and enjoy.

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