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Bronx African community unites in prayerful celebration for Mayor Eric Adams

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The African community of the Bronx gathered in overwhelming numbers at the newly inaugurated trilevel Islamic Cultural Center on 166th Street, for a heartfelt prayer-praise session dedicated to Mayor Eric Adams.

Distinguished figures, including diplomats from the Gambia, African American leaders, and AfroLatino community representatives, joined the diverse congregation.

The event, graced by both Christian and Muslim clergy, resonated with sincere prayers as they embraced Mayor Adams as a brother.

Mayor Adams, distinguished by his unprecedented seven visits to Africa, stood out among the 110 mayors in New York City’s history.

His journey, spanning North Africa to South Africa, held a profound significance.

The mayor shared, “I know the power of the continent of Africa,” emphasizing the historical journey from the pain of slavery to the triumph of returning as the leader of the world’s most powerful city.

A fervent pan-Africanist, Mayor Adams consistently celebrates his heritage, proclaiming, “There’s only one Africa – the cradle of civilization, mankind, technology, and wisdom.”

His commitment to reclaiming Africa’s prominence was evident as he urged for a return to the throne of knowledge, independence, strength, and viability.

Despite ongoing FBI investigations into his campaign finances, Mayor Adams enjoys unwavering support from the New York City African community. They firmly believe in his innocence, anticipating his exoneration from any alleged wrongdoing.

During the interfaith prayer gathering at the mosque, Sheikh Musa Drammeh emphasized the genuine and enduring nature of their relationship with Mayor Adams.

He stated, “Our bond isn’t dictated by polls, pundits, or popularity. He’s been serving us competently before any elective office, and our connection will only strengthen after his mayoralty.”

In this display of solidarity and faith, the African Community of the Bronx showcased their unwavering support for Mayor Eric Adams, celebrating both his leadership and shared cultural heritage.

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