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Bronx Borough president, Political guru Louis ignite JCRC Bridges-NY Fellowship 2024

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The JCRC Bridges-NY Fellowship 2024 cohort witnessed the dynamic and impactful presentations of none other than Bronx Borough President Venessa Gibson and political maestro Eroll Louis.

The gathering marked the beginning of a transformative journey for a diverse cohort, uniting the promising minds destined to shape the destiny of our city.

Bronx Borough President Venessa Gibson took center stage, delivering a riveting address that encapsulated her vision for the borough and its inhabitants.

Her insights into community development and commitment to inclusive policies resonated with the aspiring elected officials and policy makers present.

Political guru Eroll Louis, known for his astute analysis and commentary, followed suit with an intellectually stimulating presentation.

His perspectives on navigating the intricate political landscape and fostering positive change injected a sense of purpose into the audience, setting the tone for the fellowship’s mission.

The JCRC’s Bridges-NY Fellowship stands as a beacon for the next generation of leaders, drawing together a mosaic of talents dedicated to shaping the present and future of New York City.

This gathering not only provides a platform for these emerging leaders but also underscores the collective commitment to creating a more equitable and prosperous future for all New Yorkers.

As the fellowship embarks on its journey, the anticipation is palpable, echoing the sentiments of hope and unity that permeated the inaugural event.

With the guidance of influential figures like Venessa Gibson and Eroll Louis, the 2024 cohort is poised to make a lasting impact on the political and policy landscape of the city, fostering a better tomorrow for every New Yorker.

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