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Mayor Adams targets social media companies, declares public health threat in state of city address

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Mayor Eric Adams has set to address the escalating concerns surrounding teen mental health by openly confronting social media companies, according to reliable sources at NY1.

Commencing on Wednesday, the mayor is expected to announce Commissioner Ashwin Vasan’s declaration classifying social media as a public health threat. As a pivotal component of this declaration, Adams will introduce measures aimed at mitigating the adverse effects that social media has on the mental well-being of the youth.

During his address, Mayor Adams will call upon state and federal lawmakers to take decisive actions against the alleged predatory practices of major social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Emphasizing the urgency of the matter, Adams seeks legislative interventions to safeguard the well-being of the younger population. This move marks a notable departure from conventional political discourse and signals a proactive stance against the perceived hazards posed by these digital entities.

As a fundamental aspect of his comprehensive strategy, Mayor Adams will actively involve parents in mitigating the impact of social media on their children. Encouraging responsible tech usage, Adams will urge parents to establish designated tech-free periods for their children and advocate for delaying smartphone access until the age of 14. In a released statement, Adams articulated, “Unfettered access to social media is fueling our national youth mental health crisis and putting our children in harm’s way.” He draws inspiration from the U.S. surgeon general’s approach and positions New York City as the first major American city to vocally address the perilous dimensions of social media.

Mayor Adams, no stranger to addressing the societal consequences of digital platforms, previously spotlighted social media companies for their alleged contribution to the increase in subway surfing incidents. Attributing the dangerous trend to the proliferation of videos depicting teens riding atop trains, Adams maintains a firm stance on holding social media platforms accountable for their influence on public safety. The State of the City address is anticipated to mark a pivotal moment in the intersection of technology, mental health, and legislative action in the metropolis.

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