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Mayor, City council grapple over police reporting legislation

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Mayor Eric Adams has scheduled to unveil his forward-looking vision for the city on Wednesday. However, his anticipated address is at risk of being overshadowed by the escalating discord between him and the City Council.

The Council, under the leadership of Speaker Adrienne Adams, convened a rally within City Hall on Tuesday, accompanied by faith leaders, to condemn the mayor’s veto of the “How Many Stops Act.” The act, focusing on the conduct of city police officers, has become a focal point of contention between the two branches of government.

The press conference, intended to address critical issues, encountered delays when City Hall staff refused to illuminate the event promptly. Tensions escalated further when a top aide to the mayor attempted to remove chairs from reporters. Speaker Adams, denouncing the disruptions, characterized them as an endeavor to stifle opposition.

Addressing the incident, Mayor Adams defended his staff’s actions, emphasizing the need to maintain control in the rotunda area. The infighting intensifies as the mayor launches a public campaign against the “How Many Stops Act,” contending that it imposes excessive administrative burdens on police officers.

The proposed legislation would mandate officers to document most investigative encounters with civilians, extending documentation requirements beyond Level 3 stops. Supporters argue that it adds essential transparency to the NYPD, citing a federal monitor’s report revealing unconstitutional Level 3 encounters disproportionately affecting Black and Hispanic individuals.

Despite the heightened friction, Mayor Adams underscored the gravity of the situation, expressing concern about the potential threat to public safety if the implementation goes awry. As the City Council proceeds to formally accept the mayor’s veto, they face a 30-day window to consider overriding it, prolonging the political standoff over police reporting reform.

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