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NYC Mayor Eric Adams unveils agenda in state of city address at Hostos Community college

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams delivered his third State of the City address at Hostos Community College’s Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture in the Bronx, outlining a comprehensive vision for the future aimed at benefiting working-class New Yorkers. Following successful initiatives in crime reduction and job growth amid a humanitarian crisis, Mayor Adams expressed commitment to building on his administration’s achievements.

Mayor Adams highlighted the city’s status as the safest big city in the country under his leadership, with an overall reduction in crime. Plans for 2024 include addressing emerging public safety challenges, such as regulating nontraditional transportation modes and streamlining the NYPD’s internal discipline process. Additionally, efforts to combat illegal smoke shops and address the impact of social media on mental health were emphasized.

The economic recovery under Mayor Adams has seen the creation of over 270,000 private-sector jobs and support for small businesses. The administration aims to accelerate job growth, particularly in the green economy, with the upcoming “Green Economy Action Plan.” A $40 million initiative, “Women Forward NYC,” focuses on empowering women in various aspects of life, including career pathways, financial literacy, healthcare, and violence prevention.

Addressing the housing crisis, the Adams administration plans to advance 24 affordable housing projects in 2024, creating or preserving over 12,000 housing units. Initiatives include the creation of a Tenant Protection Cabinet and the reopening of the NYCHA Section 8 voucher waitlist.

In education, the administration’s commitment to literacy programs has yielded positive results, and plans include expanding phonics-based methods in early childhood and elementary schools. Mayor Adams continues to advocate for increased mayoral accountability over public schools.

Mayor Adams reiterated his commitment to enhancing public spaces, allocating $375 million for new projects. Efforts to make the city cleaner and more accessible include containerizing trash, reducing rat sightings, and partnering with Tony Hawk to build and refurbish skateparks.*

The mayor’s comprehensive climate action plan includes significant investments in resiliency measures, green infrastructure, and a first-of-its-kind climate research, education, and jobs hub on Governors Island. The Battery Coastal Resiliency initiative, a $200 million project, will protect against sea-level rise.

In conclusion, Mayor Adams emphasized the city’s resilience, achievements, and collective responsibility. The full text of his remarks is provided for further insight into the administration’s vision.

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