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Adams administration implements curfew at select migrant shelters following Times Square shooting

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The Adams administration has announced the imposition of curfews at several migrant shelters, a move aimed at enhancing safety measures following a violent incident involving a 15-year-old migrant. This decision comes in the wake of heightened concerns regarding public safety and shelter management.

Effective Monday, twenty Housing Preservation and Development (HPD)-run respite centers scattered across Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx will mandate nightly check-ins by 11 p.m., with occupants required to remain indoors until 6 a.m. This measure, affecting over 3,600 migrants, predominantly single adult men, aligns with existing curfew protocols observed in homeless shelters citywide, with the overarching goal of optimizing bed allocation and operational efficiency.

A spokesperson from City Hall emphasized the city’s commitment to addressing the ongoing humanitarian crisis while prioritizing the well-being of both asylum seekers and local residents. The decision to implement curfew policies reflects a proactive approach to managing shelter capacities and ensuring the safety of vulnerable populations.

Mayor Eric Adams’ administration had previously outlined plans for curfew enforcement, with initial measures enacted at four shelters in January. The expanded scope of curfew implementation underscores the city’s responsiveness to community concerns and its determination to address issues raised by residents residing near migrant shelters.

The decision to expand curfew enforcement follows a disturbing incident wherein a 15-year-old migrant, allegedly involved in a Times Square shooting, prompted swift action from authorities. The individual in question, accused of injuring a tourist and engaging in gunfire with NYPD officers, underscores the urgency of implementing enhanced safety measures within shelter facilities.

Notably, the affected shelters, primarily concentrated in Manhattan, include facilities such as the Imperial Hotel, The Gatsby Hotel, and the Redford Hotel. While the curfew measures predominantly impact single adult men, they are designed to address broader community concerns regarding disturbances and safety issues stemming from migrant shelter operations.

The implementation of curfews at select migrant shelters underscores the city’s commitment to balancing the needs of vulnerable populations with the safety and security of local communities. Moving forward, the Adams administration remains steadfast in its efforts to manage the complex challenges posed by the ongoing humanitarian crisis while prioritizing public safety and effective shelter management.

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