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Hillary Clinton raises concerns regards Joe Biden’s age

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Former First Lady Hillary Clinton has brought attention to President Biden’s age, describing it as a “legitimate” campaign issue amidst criticism over his mental acuity.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Alex Wagner, Clinton acknowledged discussions within the White House regarding Biden’s age, emphasizing that the matter is relevant for both Biden and his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, who is only three years younger.

During the interview, Clinton suggested that while Biden and Trump may struggle to resonate with younger voters, Biden should emphasize his extensive experience as a leader, both politically and in matters of human experience, character, and wisdom. She encouraged Biden to embrace his experience and to engage in self-deprecating humor to connect with voters.

Recent polling data from NBC News reveals that 76% of respondents express concerns about Biden’s mental fitness for a second term, highlighting the significance of the issue. A special counsel’s report, released by Robert Hur, further fueled debates about Biden’s mental acuity, concluding that he was too senile to be prosecuted over the mishandling of classified documents. The report detailed instances where Biden displayed memory lapses, including forgetting his tenure as vice president and the timing of his son Beau’s death.

Responding to these criticisms, Biden vehemently defended his mental faculties during a press conference, asserting, “My memory is fine!” However, during the same event, he mistakenly referred to the President of Egypt as the leader of Mexico, adding fuel to the ongoing debate.

Clinton acknowledged the relevance of age as a campaign issue but stressed the importance of electing the best candidate based on merit. Expressing her support for Biden’s reelection bid, she commended his performance as president and urged him to continue campaigning vigorously across the nation. Clinton’s endorsement underscores her belief in Biden’s capabilities despite concerns surrounding his age and mental acuity.

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