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Advocates rally for electric school buses amid growing concerns over diesel emissions

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In a burgeoning movement for environmental and health reform, mothers across the United States are spearheading efforts to transition school transportation from diesel to electric buses. Areli Sanchez, residing in Las Vegas, recounts her daughter Aida’s struggles with asthma exacerbated by the noxious diesel fumes during her daily school commute, a scenario echoed by millions of American families.

According to federal data, diesel exhaust from school buses poses a significant health risk to one-third of U.S. students, exacerbating respiratory ailments and contributing to missed school days. Particularly vulnerable are communities of color and lower-income groups, who disproportionately rely on school buses for transportation and are more susceptible to respiratory issues.

Driven by personal experiences and a deep concern for their children’s well-being, mothers like Sanchez have become vocal advocates for electric buses. Despite the higher initial costs, electric buses offer cleaner and quieter alternatives, with the potential to significantly reduce emissions and mitigate climate change impacts.

Sanchez’s advocacy efforts, spanning four years, have gained momentum as the Clark County School District, her local district, begins to transition to electric buses. Similar progress is underway nationwide, fueled by growing concerns over deteriorating air quality and environmental injustice.

Epidemiology and public health researcher Sara Adar emphasizes the heightened vulnerability of children to air pollution due to their developing bodies and increased inhalation rate. Consequently, the shift to electric buses holds promise in safeguarding children’s health and breaking the cycle of poor air quality.

While federal funding prioritizes disadvantaged communities for electric school bus initiatives, advocates like Liz Hurtado in Virginia Beach emphasize the need for continued support and expansion of these programs. Despite the current limitations, the momentum towards electrification offers hope for future generations, ensuring cleaner and safer school transportation systems.

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