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Biden engages with late-night TV hHost Seth Meyers in bid to connect with voters

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In an effort to engage with hesitant and younger voters ahead of the November election, US President Joe Biden participated in an interview with late-night TV comic Seth Meyers on Monday.

The 81-year-old President addressed concerns about his age, contrasting himself with his likely opponent, 77-year-old former President Donald Trump. Meyers, known for his jabs at Trump, raised the issue of Biden’s age, prompting the President to emphasize his cognitive abilities and policy differences with Trump.

During the prerecorded interview, Biden quipped about Trump’s memory lapses, referencing a moment where Trump appeared to forget his wife’s name. Biden also highlighted the importance of progressive ideas, criticizing Trump’s stance on issues like reproductive rights. Despite criticism for his limited media appearances, Biden’s engagement with Meyers signals a shift toward a more active campaign strategy in the face of Trump’s media presence.

Biden’s visit to New York for the interview included a lighthearted moment where he and Meyers shared ice cream at a nearby parlor. The President’s appearance was preceded by a humorous skit involving Meyers and comedian Amy Poehler, underscoring his willingness to engage with popular culture to reach a broader audience.

While the interview featured comedic moments, serious topics were also addressed. Meyers questioned Biden about his stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict and his criticisms of Trump’s foreign policy decisions. Biden outlined his approach to achieving a ceasefire in Gaza, emphasizing the need for a temporary truce to facilitate broader negotiations.

In addition to traditional media appearances, Biden has made efforts to connect with younger audiences through platforms like TikTok and social media. His administration produces content tailored to online audiences, recognizing the importance of digital outreach in modern political campaigns. Despite the shift in media consumption habits, late-night shows like Meyers’ remain influential in shaping public opinion and driving political discourse.

Biden’s willingness to engage with Meyers reflects his commitment to reaching diverse demographics and addressing pressing issues facing the nation. As the election approaches, his efforts to connect with voters through various media platforms will likely continue to play a significant role in shaping the electoral landscape.

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