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Mets fans flock to Florida for spring training experience

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In the annual pilgrimage for fans of the New York Mets, Clover Park and its surrounding training facility in Port St. Lucie, Florida, become the temporary home for the team as they gear up for the upcoming season, offering enthusiasts a unique glimpse into the preseason preparations of their favorite players.

Among those partaking in this ritual is Manhattan resident Ian Albin, who, along with his children Sophie and Josh and friends Eric and Eli Rosenstock, made the journey south to witness the Mets’ training firsthand. Albin, a lifelong Mets fan, expressed his excitement at the opportunity to be in close proximity to the team during this crucial phase of their preparations.

The allure of spring training extends beyond dedicated fans, as evidenced by the presence of high school baseball teams such as Stuyvesant and Brooklyn Tech. For these young athletes, observing professional players up close provides invaluable insights into the nuances of the game, from pre-at-bat rituals to the mental preparation required to excel at the highest level.

For Gail Vriesema, a Mets aficionado who divides her time between Florida and the Hudson Valley, spring training represents a cherished opportunity to bask in the Florida sunshine while enjoying an intimate connection with her beloved team. Her sentiments are echoed by Andrew Dorata and his family, recent transplants from New York to Florida, for whom attending spring training serves as a nostalgic reminder of home.

Beyond the camaraderie and excitement shared by fans, there lies a collective optimism for the upcoming season, with hopes running high for a successful campaign. As the Mets diligently hone their skills under the warm Florida sun, their faithful supporters eagerly anticipate the promise of a fresh start and the possibility of glory on the horizon.

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