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Brazen robbery shocks Bronx, 6 armed men storm newly-opened convenience store

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In a daring and coordinated assault, six armed individuals targeted a newly-opened convenience store in the Bronx, leaving the neighborhood of Morris Park reeling in shock and disbelief.

The incident unfolded at approximately 12:09 a.m. at 1604 Williamsbridge Road, situated at the intersection of Pierce Avenue, according to police reports.

Clad in all-black attire and concealing their identities with black masks, the assailants barged into the establishment brandishing firearms, instigating a tense and terrifying ordeal for the store’s occupants. Although no shots were fired, the confrontation resulted in minor injuries sustained by three out of the four employees present during the harrowing encounter.

Despite the presence of multiple surveillance cameras strategically installed within the store premises, the robbers orchestrated a calculated maneuver to render the footage unusable for law enforcement investigations, further complicating the pursuit of justice in this brazen act of criminality.

Upon preliminary assessments conducted by authorities in collaboration with the store proprietor and staff, it was determined that the robbery yielded a substantial loss amounting to $10,000 in cash and merchandise.

This substantial sum underscores the severity of the incident and the profound impact it has inflicted upon the business’s financial stability.

The convenience store, which had recently celebrated its grand opening, stood as a beacon of entrepreneurial aspiration within the local community, symbolizing resilience and opportunity amidst challenging economic times. However, this audacious robbery has cast a shadow of fear and uncertainty over the once vibrant and bustling establishment, leaving residents and patrons grappling with feelings of vulnerability and insecurity.

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