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Lengthy criminal history of Queens shooting suspects unveiled as investigation unfolds

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In the wake of the tragic shooting that claimed the life of Officer Jonathan Diller in Queens, revelations about the criminal histories of the two suspects, Guy Rivera and Lindy Jones, have surfaced, shedding light on their extensive involvement with the law enforcement system.

Guy Rivera, aged 34 and purportedly the shooter in this harrowing incident, carries a significant criminal record.

In 2016, Rivera was convicted of criminal possession of a controlled substance, resulting in a six-year stint behind bars. During his incarceration, he faced additional charges, including a hate crime for assaulting correctional officers by hurling feces and urine, as detailed by police sources.

His alleged accomplice, Lindy Jones, aged 41, boasts a rap sheet punctuated by 14 prior arrests, indicating a pattern of involvement with criminal activities. Notably, Jones faced a grave attempted murder charge in 2001 related to a shooting and robbery incident. Furthermore, his record includes a 2019 arrest for domestic violence.

Adding to the gravity of their criminal past, Jones was apprehended in April 2023 in Queens on charges of criminal possession of a weapon, specifically for being in possession of a firearm. Despite the severity of the charges, Jones was released on bail amounting to $75,000.

As the investigation into the tragic shooting of Officer Diller unfolds, both Rivera and Jones find themselves at the center of legal scrutiny, with charges pending pending the conclusive results of the ongoing inquiry.

The revelation of their extensive criminal backgrounds underscores the complexity of addressing persistent issues of crime and public safety within the community, fueling broader conversations about the efficacy of law enforcement measures and the need for comprehensive reform initiatives.

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