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Police arrest repeat offender with ghost gun, drugs in Bronx

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In a dramatic arrest at the Fordham Road station in University Heights, Jermaine Greene, 42, was apprehended by vigilant police officers during a routine station inspection on Thursday at approximately 5:45 p.m.

Attempting to evade authorities by slipping through an opened exit door, Greene’s attempted escape was thwarted when officers intercepted him.

Upon closer examination, law enforcement officers discovered that Greene was not only evading fare but also harboring two open warrants. However, the most alarming find was the untraceable ghost gun concealed on his person, alongside a stash of crack found in a ziplock bag.

Greene’s charges now include weapon and drug possession in addition to fare evasion, with his arraignment in Bronx Criminal Court scheduled for Friday.

This arrest unveils a troubling history of criminal behavior.

In a previous case dating back to April 19, 2004, Greene was convicted of domestic murder in Delaware after perpetrating a heinous crime against a loved one. Following his conviction, he served a prison sentence until his release in 2018, subsequently relocating to New York.

Even before his time in Delaware, Greene’s criminal record was stained with a conviction for robbery in the Bronx in 1999. His three-year stint behind bars did little to deter subsequent unlawful behavior, evident in his recent apprehension.

Jermaine Greene’s arrest serves as a stark reminder of the persistent challenges faced by law enforcement in combating repeat offenders and the illegal proliferation of firearms and narcotics within our communities.

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