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Mayor Eric Adams engages faith leaders in solving community issues

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In a bid to bolster community engagement and address pressing issues faced by New York City’s diverse faith communities, Mayor Eric Adams has announced the commencement of the city’s inaugural “Five-Borough Multifaith Tour.”

This ambitious initiative will involve a series of conversations with clergy and faith leaders from across the city, aiming to foster dialogue and collaborative problem-solving.

The announcement was made today as Mayor Adams convened with approximately 100 faith leaders from Staten Island to kick off the tour.

Over the coming weeks, similar meetings will be held in each of the city’s boroughs, facilitating discussions on a wide range of topics affecting local communities.

Mayor Adams expressed gratitude for the essential role that faith communities play in supporting New Yorkers, particularly in times of need.

“No matter the issue, New York City’s faith community is there for New Yorkers in need, working tirelessly to keep people fed, safe, and healthy, both mentally and physically,” Mayor Adams emphasized.

The multifaith tour builds upon the groundwork laid by the Adams administration to engage with and cater to the needs of all faith groups across the city.

Pastor Gilford T. Monrose, Executive Director of the Mayor’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Partnerships, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the importance of fostering dialogue and understanding among religious leaders.

Past engagements between the Adams administration and faith leaders have covered a spectrum of critical issues, including housing, homelessness, public safety, and humanitarian crises like the asylum seeker situation. Recently, Mayor Adams unveiled plans to facilitate affordable housing development by faith-based organizations across all boroughs, part of his broader “City of Yes for Housing Opportunity” strategy.

Furthermore, initiatives like the Citywide Clergy Collective, launched earlier this year, underscore the administration’s commitment to collaborative efforts with faith communities. This coalition of over 270 faith leaders is dedicated to curbing gun violence in New York City and supporting communities affected by its impact through various programs and services.

The Five-Borough Multifaith Tour also aligns with Mayor Adams’ “Breaking Bread, Building Bonds” campaign, initiated in 2023 to combat hate crimes and promote unity across New York’s neighborhoods.

Since its inception, the program has facilitated over 1,100 meals citywide, fostering dialogue and mutual understanding among diverse groups.

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