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“We’re Ready for the Unexpected” — Mayor Adams assures New Yorkers after 4.7 magnitude quake

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In the wake of a 4.7 magnitude earthquake that reverberated through New York City and surrounding areas this morning, Mayor Eric Adams held a comprehensive briefing at the New York City Emergency Management Headquarters, alongside senior administration officials, to address the incident and offer reassurance to the public.

The earthquake, centered in Lebanon, New Jersey, about 50 miles from New York City, prompted swift responses from city agencies and a coordinated effort to ensure the safety and well-being of residents.

Deputy Mayor Fabien Levy, leading the briefing, emphasized the collaborative response of various agencies, including police, fire, education, transportation, and utilities, highlighting the city’s readiness for unexpected events.

Mayor Adams, joined by key officials including Emergency Management Commissioner Zach Iscol and Police Department Commissioner Edward Caban, provided details and guidance on the city’s response to the seismic event.

Mayor Adams expressed gratitude for the prompt action of first responders and city agencies, noting that while there were no reports of major impacts on infrastructure or injuries, the situation was being continuously monitored.

He urged New Yorkers to remain calm and check on loved ones, emphasizing preparedness in case of aftershocks.

Commissioner Iscol outlined the city’s emergency protocols, urging citizens to report damage or concerns via 311, reserving 911 for life-threatening situations. He underscored the importance of remaining vigilant and following safety guidelines, especially in the event of potential aftershocks.

The briefing also addressed specific concerns related to schools, infrastructure, and utilities.

Chancellor David Banks confirmed that all school buildings were being inspected for safety, with no reports of structural damage or injuries among students and staff. Buildings Commissioner James Oddo reiterated the city’s proactive approach, mobilizing additional resources for inspections and urging construction professionals to report any issues promptly.

ConEd President Matt Ketschke assured the public of the energy infrastructure’s stability, with ongoing inspections to detect any gas leaks or other issues.

MTA CEO Janno Lieber affirmed the continued safety and operation of transit services, with all facilities and bridges inspected and declared safe.

In closing, the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs Commissioner Manuel Castro addressed concerns in Spanish, emphasizing the city’s operational continuity and readiness in critical services post-earthquake.

Throughout the briefing, officials stressed the importance of community preparedness and cooperation, urging New Yorkers to stay informed through NotifyNYC and remain calm in the face of any potential aftershocks.

The collective response highlighted the city’s resilience and ability to swiftly mobilize resources in times of crisis, reaffirming Mayor Adams’ commitment to ensuring public safety and well-being during unexpected events.

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