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Senator Bob Menendez, wife to face separate bribery trials, Judge rule’s

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U.S. Senator Bob Menendez and his wife, Nadine Menendez, will undergo separate trials concerning allegations of their involvement in a bribery scheme. A federal judge made the ruling on Thursday, agreeing to sever Nadine Menendez’s trial and postpone it due to her urgent need for medical treatment, as advocated by her legal counsel.

The trial for Senator Menendez, a prominent figure in New Jersey’s Democratic Party, remains on course for May 6 at the Manhattan federal court. Conversely, Nadine Menendez’s trial has been tentatively rescheduled to commence in July to accommodate her medical circumstances.

During the court proceedings, presiding Judge Sidney H. Stein emphasized the decision to proceed with Senator Menendez’s trial independently, stating, “This trial is going forward without Mrs. Menendez.” He acknowledged the necessity for the government to undertake the legal process twice, addressing the concerns raised by Nadine Menendez’s lawyers regarding her health condition.

The defense team for Nadine Menendez provided documentation supporting her recent diagnosis of a serious medical ailment necessitating surgical intervention within the upcoming four to six weeks. They further argued for additional time to conduct comprehensive medical assessments to ascertain the nature of her condition.

Prosecutors contested the decision to separate the trials, advocating for a complete delay in the legal proceedings. They expressed apprehension that the severance could result in procedural inefficiencies and unfairness, potentially requiring the recall of numerous witnesses.

In addition to ruling on the trial separation, Judge Stein dismissed motions seeking the outright dismissal of the indictment and the transfer of the case to New Jersey. The legal proceedings involve the Menendez couple and two businessmen who have pleaded not guilty to allegations of engaging in a bribery scheme, wherein cash and gold bars purportedly exchanged hands in return for political favors.

Notably, Senator Menendez relinquished his role as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in September, citing the allegations leveled against him. The indictment also implicates a third businessman, Jose Uribe, who has admitted guilt to bribery charges and has agreed to testify against the defendants at trial. Uribe’s testimony is expected to shed light on the alleged conspiracy involving Nadine Menendez and others in exchange for access to Senator Menendez’s influence. Prosecutors assert that Senator Menendez facilitated favorable deals for associates in Egypt and Qatar in exchange for the purported bribes.

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