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Cheney slams Greene’s pro-Russian rhetoric as “Moscow Marge”

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Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney delivered a blistering critique of her colleague Marjorie Taylor Greene, branding her as “Moscow Marge” and lambasting her for echoing Russian propaganda.

The clash unfolded following Greene’s controversial remarks on a far-right streaming channel where she aired sentiments aligned with Kremlin narratives.

Greene’s comments, made during an interview with “Real American Voices,” drew widespread criticism as she denounced efforts to support Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression.

Accusing lawmakers of condoning murder and slaughter by backing Ukraine, Greene wrongly asserted that President Putin harbored no intentions of advancing across Europe and disparaged Ukraine’s NATO status. Additionally, she falsely claimed that the U.S. Secretary of Defense advocated for American troops to perish in Ukraine.

Upon learning of Greene’s statements, Cheney swiftly retaliated, questioning whether Greene was a “useful idiot” or willfully propagating Putin’s falsehoods.

Cheney’s sharp condemnation labeled Greene’s rhetoric as both “pathetic and un-American,” underscoring the gravity of Greene’s alignment with Kremlin talking points.

The clash between Cheney and Greene underscores growing tensions within the Republican Party over foreign policy stances and underscores the schism between traditional GOP values and the insurgent far-right rhetoric espoused by figures like Greene. This public confrontation within the party’s ranks highlights deeper divisions over national security and U.S. foreign relations.

Cheney’s denunciation of Greene’s pro-Russian rhetoric underscores her ongoing commitment to challenging extremism within the Republican Party and underscores her unwavering stance on defending democratic values against foreign disinformation.

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