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Parkchester community calls for transparency, accountability in annual owners meeting

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In a proactive move towards enhancing community dialogue and addressing persistent quality of life issues, the Parkchester Watch-Group has urged property owners to engage with key stakeholders for an In-Person Annual Owners Meeting.

The initiative seeks to spotlight ongoing concerns affecting both Owners and Renters within the Parkchester community in the Bronx.

The call to action, spearheaded by the Watch-Group, emphasizes the necessity of a face-to-face forum with Board President Cecilia Ramirez, elected Cluster Representatives, management, the sponsor, and elected officials.

The aim is to open a robust dialogue on crucial quality of life matters. Management’s stated commitment to transparency has prompted the community to advocate for increased visibility through the convening of an in-person meeting.

Formerly, monthly informational sessions facilitated direct engagement between community members and Board representatives, addressing a spectrum of concerns.

The Watch-Group underscores the value of reinstating these sessions to bolster transparency and accountability within the Parkchester community.

Moreover, Unit Owners are urged to critically assess the performance of elected Board members in executing their prescribed powers and duties. As the Annual Owners Meeting approaches, the community emphasizes the importance of active participation through voting and direct communication with board representatives.

Key responsibilities of the Board of Managers, ranging from property upkeep and expense management to leasing decisions and maintenance, underscore the pivotal role these officials play in community welfare. The Watch-Group has solicited specific feedback from Unit Owners on the Board’s performance in fulfilling these responsibilities.

Questions probing the adequacy of property upkeep, financial stewardship, and accessibility of board members have been posed to encourage constructive engagement and reflection among community members.

Expressing concerns over ongoing challenges, including heating, plumbing, and elevator issues, alongside safety concerns, the Parkchester community remains resolute in advocating for meaningful resolutions and accountability.

For those interested in voicing their perspectives, the Watch-Group has provided a comprehensive list of contact details, including emails and addresses for Board representatives, sponsors, media outlets, and elected officials.

The collective effort of Parkchester Owners and Renters underscores a united front in seeking tangible improvements for their community. With heightened engagement and proactive dialogue, the Parkchester community aims to fortify its stance on critical issues impacting residents’ daily lives.

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