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Parkchester community mourns loss of ‘Lady Anne’ Dunbar

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The Parkchester North community is deeply saddened by the passing of Ms. Anne Joseph-Dunbar, affectionately known as “Lady Anne” Dunbar, a revered figure and former North Condominium Board President.

This death of Dunbar was announced via the Parkchester community Facebook group, Parkchester Watch Group, on Friday.

According to the announcement, Dunbar passed away, leaving behind a legacy of service that touched countless lives.

“Dunbar was a pivotal member of Parkchester North, tirelessly advocating for the betterment of her community,” the announcement reads. “Her tenure as President of the Parkchester Branch of the NAACP and her founding of the Break-Thru In Art Organization highlighted her passion for social justice and cultural enrichment. The organization, serving as a vital link between incarcerated individuals and the broader community, showcased her dedication to promoting the artistic endeavors of those behind prison walls.”

It was further stated that Dunbar’s impact extended beyond advocacy and cultural initiatives; she was also recognized for her profound contributions to child development.

“Awards such as the Claire Joseph King Memorial Citation and the Each One Teach One Community Service Award underscored her deep-seated compassion and selfless service to society.”

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