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Queens violent church attack: Suspect faces string of charges

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A 16-year-old suspect caught on camera pushing a senior citizen down the stairs of a church in Queens during a violent mugging is now facing a litany of serious charges including robbery and assault.

The teenager, whose identity remains undisclosed due to his age, was taken into custody after the shocking incident that was captured on video surveillance. The distressing footage showed the suspect callously shoving the elderly victim down the church steps during the mugging.

Following his apprehension, the suspect was taken to a local precinct holding cell. However, a troubling incident unfolded as he removed his shirt and used it to wrap around his neck. Police intervened swiftly to prevent any harm, and the teen was promptly transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

This incident marks the latest development in a troubling pattern of criminal behavior exhibited by the young offender. According to law enforcement officials, the suspect has been arrested a staggering nine times in Queens since August 2023, all as an adolescent offender. Notably, eight of these arrests were related to robberies, with the ninth involving criminal possession of stolen property.

In light of his extensive history with the law, authorities are now investigating the teenager in connection with other neighborhood crimes, including an attempted robbery targeting another elderly individual.

Furthermore, the suspect is facing additional charges unrelated to the church attack, specifically linked to the alleged theft of a woman’s vehicle just days prior to the mugging.

Once released from medical care, the teen will be arraigned in court to formally answer to the charges levied against him.

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