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New York gov declares solidarity with Israel amid Iran’s threat

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In response to escalating tensions in the Middle East, New York State Governor Kathy Hochul has issued a staunch declaration of support for Israel in the wake of reported threats from Iran.

The governor, in a statement, emphasised a heightened state of vigilance across New York to safeguard against potential repercussions from the international conflict.

Governor Hochul’s affirmation of solidarity was made public in a tweet wherein she asserted that New York stands firmly alongside the people of Israel during this critical time of adversity.

“New York stands with the people of Israel as they face a horrific attack by Iran.

We are not aware of any domestic threats. As a precautionary measure, @nyspolice, @NationalGuardNY & @NYSDHSES are on high alert to protect houses of worship and high-profile locations,” she wrote.

The declaration comes amid growing concerns over Iran’s purported involvement in orchestrating attacks against Israel.

Acknowledging the potential ripple effects of global events on domestic security, Governor Hochul emphasized that no immediate threats have been identified within New York State.

Nevertheless, as a precautionary measure, state law enforcement agencies are taking proactive steps to ensure public safety.

Both the New York State Police and the National Guard have been placed on high alert to fortify security measures, focusing particularly on safeguarding houses of worship and other prominent locations deemed at risk.

This mobilization reflects a collaborative effort to preemptively address any potential security challenges arising from international developments.

The decision to elevate security measures underscores the gravity with which state officials are approaching the situation, prioritizing preemptive measures to protect communities across New York.

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