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NYC Health + Hospitals taps 6 artists to illuminate facilities with community murals

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NYC Health + Hospitals’ Arts in Medicine department has unveiled plans to collaborate with six talented artists on a series of transformative murals across its facilities as part of the Community Mural Project.

This initiative, believed to be the nation’s largest public hospital mural program since the 1930s, aims to harness the healing power of art while fostering community engagement and elevating the hospital environment.

The selected artists—Sophia Victor, Ebony Bolt, Fitgi Saint-Louis, Raul Ayala, Cindy Lozito, and Joshua Serantitis—bring diverse backgrounds and artistic styles to the project, each poised to craft meaningful narratives that resonate with patients, staff, and visitors alike. These murals will build upon the success of the 35 existing artworks created through the Community Mural Project, further solidifying NYC Health + Hospitals as a beacon of artistic innovation in healthcare.

Larissa Trinder, Assistant Vice President of Arts in Medicine at NYC Health + Hospitals, expressed excitement about this year’s cohort of artists, emphasizing their commitment to reflecting the program’s mission and values.

“Our artists and this program continue to be an integral part of our strategy to support our patients, staff, and families,” Trinder stated. “It is a tremendous joy to watch our sites engage with our artists to develop imagery that reflects their experiences.”

The Community Mural Project not only enhances physical spaces but also serves as a vital outlet for hospital staff to collaborate, relieve stress, and strengthen community ties. Against the backdrop of a national healthcare worker burnout crisis exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic, these murals offer much-needed solace and inspiration, particularly in underserved communities served by NYC Health + Hospitals.

The Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund, a key supporter of the Arts in Medicine programs, underscored the transformative impact of art on healing. “These murals and the collaborative process behind them increase community engagement, improve patient experiences, and create a positive work environment for frontline staff,” remarked Laurie Tisch, Founder and President of the fund. “They are a lasting testament to the power of art to bring communities together and improve lives.”

The Community Mural Project aligns with NYC Health + Hospitals’ broader commitment to integrating art into healthcare settings.

The institution boasts a rich visual collection of over 7,500 artworks, including historic WPA murals from the 1930s and contemporary pieces by acclaimed artists like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. This expansive collection not only enhances healing environments but also enriches the lives of over 43,000 employees and more than 1.2 million patients who seek care at NYC Health + Hospitals facilities.

The forthcoming murals promise to be more than decorative additions; they will serve as powerful testaments to the role of creativity in nurturing health, community, and hope.

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