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Former U.S. Attorney Vance raises alarms over Trump hush money trial jury intimidation

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In a startling development surrounding the trial of former President Donald Trump, renowned former U.S. Attorney Joyce White Vance has highlighted concerns over jury intimidation, likening the situation to cases involving violent organized crime.

Vance’s comments were prompted by the dismissal of a juror from the trial who expressed fear of public backlash if her identity were revealed. The juror reportedly faced inquiries from family and friends after her status was inferred from publicly available information, casting doubt on the impartiality of the jury.

Taking to Twitter, Vance emphasized the gravity of the situation, noting, “I can’t help but contemplate that jurors are concerned about being publicly identified in a case involving a former president.” She underscored that such fears typically only arise in cases involving violent organized crime, suggesting an unprecedented level of pressure in this high-profile trial.

The concerns were further amplified during Vance’s appearance on MSNBC, where she expressed disbelief at the level of external influence already exerted on jurors, despite the trial being in its early stages.

“What’s so unusual here is this concern from the other juror who walked in after being selected and said, I don’t think I can be impartial because of all of the outside influences that are being exerted against me already,” Vance remarked.

Vance’s remarks come amidst growing unease over the conduct of the trial, with implications of attempts to sway or intimidate jurors. She suggested that Trump’s efforts to instill fear in jurors and the wider public might indicate a lack of confidence in winning the case through legal means.

Critics argue that such attempts to undermine the judicial process are a threat to the integrity of the trial. Concerns have been raised about ensuring the safety and impartiality of jurors, highlighting the need for enhanced protective measures to safeguard against external pressures.

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