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Brooklyn sex trafficking ring members indicted for murdering rival over control dispute

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In a disturbing turn of events linked to a Brooklyn sex trafficking operation, Omari Scott and Michael Simmons have been charged with murder in connection to a violent dispute over the control of a trafficking victim.

The indictment, unsealed earlier today in federal court, reveals shocking details of their alleged involvement in sex trafficking and the tragic outcome that ensued.

The charges against Scott, known by aliases “Prince” and “Sir Prince,” and Simmons, also known as “Victory,” include murder in the course of sex trafficking, sex trafficking by force, and related offenses.

These charges stem from their involvement in trafficking women and promoting prostitution in various locations, notably along Pennsylvania Avenue in Brooklyn, notoriously recognized as the “Penn Track”—an open-air market for commercial sex.

The sequence of events leading to the murder began when Omari Scott violently confronted a trafficking victim who sought to leave his control to work for another individual, Cleveland Clay, also operating within the same illicit industry on the Penn Track. Incensed by this perceived betrayal, Scott and Simmons allegedly conspired to eliminate Clay.

On May 1, 2023, Michael Simmons executed their plan by fatally shooting Cleveland Clay multiple times at close range. Earlier that morning, a video captured Scott forcefully dragging the victim back into his car after learning of her intentions to defect. He was later recorded expressing his violent intentions towards her, indicating a disregard for her wellbeing.

Footage also captures Scott and Simmons engaging in a heated altercation with Clay just hours before the murder. Subsequently, Simmons was seen leaving the scene and returning after the shooting, confirming Clay’s demise to Scott.

The tragic incident highlights the dangers and violence inherent in the dark underworld of sex trafficking. Both defendants now face serious charges, shedding light on the pervasive exploitation and criminal activities that continue to plague communities like Brooklyn’s Penn Track.

Authorities are actively pursuing justice in this case, underscoring the need for continued vigilance and enforcement against such egregious offenses.

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