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Kennedy family unites behind Biden in resounding rebuke of anti-vax rival

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In a significant boost to President Biden’s reelection campaign, over a dozen members of the iconic Kennedy family have thrown their weight behind him, delivering a powerful blow to anti-vaccine advocate and candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The endorsement reached its apex in Philadelphia, where Kerry Kennedy, sister of RFK Jr., took to the stage alongside Biden, solidifying her support for his candidacy in a stark denouncement of her own brother’s campaign.

Addressing a crowd of supporters, she underscored the pivotal nature of the upcoming election, asserting that the contest effectively boiled down to a choice between Biden’s vision and the “MAGA fascist” platform embodied by Donald Trump.

“In 2024, there are only two candidates with any chance of winning the presidency,” Kerry Kennedy declared, expressing her unequivocal backing for Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to serve another term.

She drew parallels between Biden and her father, the late Robert F. Kennedy, praising the President’s advocacy for unions, student loan forgiveness, and unwavering defense of democratic principles.

“President Biden has embodied the same values and ideals that my father and uncles fought for,” Kennedy affirmed, citing Biden’s track record as a champion of civil liberties. “That’s why nearly every grandchild of Joe and Rose Kennedy stands behind Joe Biden for president.”

The Kennedy family’s unified endorsement marks a notable political alliance and underscores Biden’s resonance with a lineage steeped in American political history. This consolidated support serves as a pointed rebuke to the anti-vaccine rhetoric espoused by RFK Jr., resonating strongly within Democratic circles and potentially influencing undecided voters ahead of the election.

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