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Mayor Adams launches innovative curriculum to combat hate rimes in NYC schools

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New York Mayor, Eric Adams, has unveiled a groundbreaking curriculum today aimed at educating students across New York City about hate crimes and their profound impacts on individuals and communities.

The initiative, tagged ‘Teaching About Hate Crimes and their Impacts,’ marks a proactive step in addressing the rising incidence of hate crimes, particularly among youth.

Developed in collaboration with the New York City Office for the Prevention of Hate Crimes (OPHC) and the Department of Education (DOE), this curriculum seeks to equip students in grades 6-12 with a deeper understanding of diversity, critical thinking skills, and civic engagement.

The lessons, crafted in partnership with Facing History & Ourselves, a renowned educational organisation, delve into the root causes of hate crimes, explore their consequences on communities, and encourage initiatives that promote inclusivity and collective action.

Mayor Adams underscored the urgency of this initiative, stating, “Our children are at a breaking point, and investing in programming that fosters a greater understanding of diversity and the importance of inclusion is an important way to dam one of the many rivers that feeds the sea of hate.”

The curriculum launch aligns with the city’s broader efforts to counter the escalating number of hate crimes, aligning with the city’s mandate to address this pressing issue.

The modules will be available virtually on the OPHC and Facing History & Ourselves’ websites, ensuring widespread accessibility for educators and students alike.

DOE Chancellor David C. Banks emphasized the significance of this curriculum in combating bigotry, stating, “Hate has no home in our schools, and we are proud to partner with the OPHC in the fight against bigotry.”

Pam Haas, Executive Director of Facing History & Ourselves, highlighted the importance of equipping teachers and students with tools to address hate and bigotry, stressing, “Our experience with developing curriculum to combat bigotry and hate for nearly 50 years has shown that as students develop their knowledge and understanding, they exhibit greater empathy and choose to stand up.”

This curriculum launch builds on Mayor Adams’ broader efforts to foster unity and understanding across New York City, exemplified by the successful ‘Breaking Bread, Building Bonds’ initiative, which brought together thousands of New Yorkers to share cultures, traditions, and break down barriers.

In a time when hate crimes are on the rise globally, initiatives like ‘Teaching About Hate Crimes and their Impacts’ not only educate but empower the next generation to stand against intolerance and promote a future of equity and justice

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