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Crown Heights man indicted for brutal assault on school bus driver, faces felony charges

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Franz Jeudy, a 33-year-old resident of Crown Heights, finds himself entangled in serious legal proceedings following an unprovoked attack on a 57-year-old woman, resulting in charges of second-degree assault and associated offenses.

The incident unfolded on March 26 around 5 p.m. as the victim, a school bus driver heading home from work, walked along Grand Avenue near Atlantic Avenue in Crown Heights.

According to reports, Franz Jeudy, described as a stranger to the victim, approached her and abruptly punched her in the face without any prior interaction or exchange of words.

The unsuspecting victim, left reeling from the sudden assault, sought refuge in a nearby restaurant where her brother was employed. She quickly identified Jeudy to her brother, who wasted no time in pursuing the assailant.

After a determined chase spanning several blocks, the brother managed to apprehend Jeudy and detained him until law enforcement arrived on the scene.

The consequences of the attack were severe, with the victim sustaining fractures to both sides of her jaw and losing multiple teeth. She was promptly transported to New York Presbyterian Methodist Hospital for urgent medical attention.

Initially, Jeudy faced misdemeanor assault charges. However, upon reassessment of the incident and the extent of the victim’s injuries, the charges were upgraded to a felony, specifically second-degree assault.

Jeudy appeared before the court and was indicted on these serious charges, which carry significant legal ramifications. The District Attorney’s Office sought substantial bail, requesting $25,000 cash or $50,000 bond. Jeudy was placed under supervised release pending further proceedings and is scheduled to return to court on July 2, 2024.

If convicted of the top count of second-degree assault, Jeudy could face a maximum sentence of seven years in prison, highlighting the gravity of the offense and its impact on the victim and the community.

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