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Police raid ends Columbia University protest in dramatic standoff

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In a tense and dramatic scene, hundreds of police officers descended upon Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall late in the evening to disperse protesters who had occupied the historic building. The standoff escalated as officers faced barricaded doors and defiant demonstrators, resulting in a daring entry through a second-floor window and subsequent arrests.

The confrontation unfolded shortly after 9 p.m. when Emergency Service Unit officers attempted to enter Hamilton Hall, only to find the front doors barricaded by protesters. Eyewitnesses reported a tense exchange as demonstrators taunted officers with chants while blocking entryways.

Watch the video of the raid here.

To gain access, the NYPD deployed specialized tactics, including a Mobile Adjustable Ramp System vehicle and distraction devices described as “very loud bangs” to disorient protesters. Eventually, riot-gear clad officers made their way into the building through a second-floor window, swiftly clearing the premises.

Police sources confirmed that within an hour, dozens of protesters were arrested and escorted out of Hamilton Hall to waiting NYPD buses. Many of the demonstrators, who had concealed their identities with surgical masks or keffiyehs, were taken into custody on charges ranging from burglary to trespassing.

Columbia University responded promptly to the incident, issuing a statement expressing regret at the need for police intervention. The university cited concerns for community safety and the escalation of the situation as key factors in involving law enforcement.

Meanwhile, tension between university faculty and administration surfaced as the Columbia chapter of the American Association of University Professors criticized the administration’s handling of the protests. The faculty group accused university leadership of disregarding efforts to resolve the situation internally and held them accountable for any potential injuries resulting from police action.

The aftermath of the raid has left a lingering police presence on campus, with NYPD officers expected to remain until the university’s upcoming commencement on May 15th. The incident marks a significant point in the ongoing discourse surrounding protest rights and campus security at Columbia University.

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