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Congresswoman Bowman condemns police response to peaceful protests at Columbia University

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Congresswoman Jamaal Bowman has made a passionate and pointed statement on the floor of the House of Representatives, highlighting instances of police aggression towards peaceful demonstrators at Columbia University and drawing personal parallels to his own experiences of racial discrimination.

During his address, Bowman recounted his own encounters with law enforcement, revealing that he had faced the trauma of having guns drawn on him multiple times solely due to his race.

“I’ve had guns pulled on me multiple times by law enforcement simply for being a black man in America. And now I see guns being drawn on peaceful protestors at Columbia University. When I was 11 years old, I was a victim of police brutality simply for being black in America. And now I see that brutality being inflicted on peaceful protestors at Columbia University and for what?” Bowman said.

Watch Bowman’s address here.

He drew a direct comparison between his personal experiences and the recent events unfolding at Columbia University, where peaceful protestors were reportedly subjected to police aggression.

The Congresswoman emphasized the unjust use of force against individuals exercising their constitutional right to assemble peacefully and express dissent.

He underscored the fundamental principle of the First Amendment, which guarantees the right to peaceful protest and assembly without fear of reprisal or violence.

Bowman’s impassioned speech condemned the apparent escalation of force by authorities and questioned the state of democracy in the face of such actions.

Drawing attention to the ongoing conflict in Gaza, he connected the protest at Columbia University to broader issues of international significance, urging solidarity with those advocating for justice and freedom.

“Simply exercising their first amendment rights to peacefully assemble as they protest to collective punishment and murder of civilians in Gaza, 100,000 killed and injured mostly women and children protesting our taxpayer dollars, going to Benjamin Netanyahu to continue this mass murder that is their right. They are supposed to push us to stand for what this flag represents. Are we in a police state or is this a democracy? The gentleman’s time has expired. We must stand with our young people and demand justice and freedom.”

The Congresswoman’s remarks echoed a broader discourse on the role of law enforcement in upholding civil liberties and the need for accountability in policing practices. His message resonated with those advocating for social justice and reform, prompting reflection on the intersection of racial inequality, freedom of speech, and the responsibilities of a democratic society.

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