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Community organizer Sonji Cephas commends NYC Council’s advocacy efforts during budget hearing

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In a recent display of civic engagement and support for the city’s well-being, Sonji Cephas, a prominent New York community organizer, shared her enthusiastic feedback following her attendance at the FY25 Executive Budget Hearing held by the Committees on Finance & Public Housing at City Hall.

Cephas expressed deep admiration for the dedication and determination exhibited by council members in advocating for the welfare of their constituents.

During the hearing, which serves as a critical forum for addressing financial allocations and priorities, Cephas was evidently impressed by the proactive stance taken by the council members in advocating for the needs and concerns of New York City residents. She described their efforts as nothing short of “amazing work,” emphasizing their commitment to advancing the interests of the community.

“I had the opportunity to sit-in on the FY25 Executive Budget Hearing: Committees on Finance & Public Housing. I was very impressed to see how hard our Council Members advocate and fight for their constituencies welfare at City Hall! Amazing work! Thank you @NYCCouncil,” she said.

Cephas, known for her involvement in grassroots initiatives and community-driven campaigns, highlighted the significance of such hearings in ensuring transparent and accountable governance.

Her presence at the event underscores the importance of civic participation and community engagement in the democratic process.

In her remarks, Cephas extended gratitude to the council members for their tireless efforts and unwavering advocacy on behalf of their constituencies. Her words reflect a broader sentiment of appreciation from residents and stakeholders who rely on these representatives to prioritize key issues affecting the city’s diverse neighborhoods.

The FY25 Executive Budget Hearing stands as a pivotal moment in New York City’s governance, with council members actively shaping policies and resource allocations to address pressing public concerns. Cephas’ endorsement serves as a testament to the council’s commitment to fostering inclusive and responsive governance, resonating positively across the city’s vibrant communities.

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