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Mayor Adams bolsters judicial bench with four new appointments to NYC criminal court

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Mayor Eric Adams of New York City has taken significant steps to fortify the city’s criminal justice system by appointing four new judges to the Criminal Court.

The announcement, made today, underscores Adams’ commitment to enhancing public safety and ensuring equitable access to justice for all New Yorkers.

Mayor Adams emphasized the pivotal role of these judicial appointments in fostering prosperity and security across the city.

“Public safety and justice are the prerequisites to prosperity, and these judges have the experience and integrity required to ensure that the criminal justice system continues to work for the betterment of all New Yorkers,” said Mayor Adams during the announcement.

The appointments were met with resounding support from City Hall Chief Counsel Lisa Zornberg, who highlighted the importance of a high-quality, independent judiciary in upholding American democratic ideals.

The Appointees

The four individuals appointed to the Criminal Court bring a wealth of legal experience and a commitment to public service.

Judge Edward Daniels: With a background in private practice and public defense, Judge Daniels joins the bench with a robust understanding of complex criminal and civil matters, gained through his tenure at Brooklyn Defender Services.

Judge Daniel Lewis: Judge Lewis’s extensive legal career spans roles in private practice, military service, and key positions within district attorney’s offices, including his role as unit chief in the Queens County District Attorney’s Office.

Judge Michelle Weber: Judge Weber’s experience in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, particularly in specialized units such as the Domestic Violence Bureau and Elder Abuse Unit, equips her with a unique perspective on handling sensitive criminal cases.

Judge Christopher Whitehair: With a focus on public defense and a leadership role at Queens Defenders, Judge Whitehair brings a wealth of experience advocating for justice and fairness within the legal system.

These appointments reflect Mayor Adams’ strategic vision to enhance the efficiency and fairness of the city’s judicial system, addressing crucial issues of public safety and ensuring access to justice for all New Yorkers.

The newly appointed judges will play instrumental roles in shaping the trajectory of criminal justice in New York City, reaffirming Mayor Adams’ commitment to a robust and equitable legal system.

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