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NYC: Mayor Adams rolls out school composting initiative ahead of schedule

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams, alongside education and sanitation officials, proudly announced the successful completion of the city’s ambitious school composting program.

With the recent expansion to the final 150 public schools, the initiative now encompasses every single New York City public school, a remarkable achievement accomplished three months ahead of schedule.

Mayor Adams emphasized the significant environmental benefits of this program, stating, “Composting is a win-win-win — it keeps waste out of landfills, greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere, and rats out of our communities.”

The initiative reflects a pivotal step towards broader citywide efforts to implement free, accessible curbside composting for all residents by the end of the year.

This innovative program has been a collaborative effort between the Department of Sanitation (DSNY) and the Department of Education (DOE), showcasing efficient interagency cooperation for the benefit of New York’s schoolchildren and the environment.

Deputy Mayor for Operations Meera Joshi highlighted the educational aspect of the initiative, noting that it empowers students to become climate-conscious leaders by integrating sustainability practices into their daily routines.

DOE Chancellor David C. Banks echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that composting programs in schools serve as crucial learning opportunities, allowing students to demonstrate leadership in sustainability while championing climate action.

The composting expansion represents a significant reduction in methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas produced by decomposing food waste in landfills. By diverting compostable material from trash, the city aims to achieve cleaner and greener urban spaces.

Under this program, schools have implemented comprehensive waste separation strategies, with dedicated “Green Teams” and sustainability coordinators ensuring proper compost sorting and disposal. Custodial staff are equipped with the necessary tools and protocols to manage compostable waste efficiently.

Moreover, the success of school composting has been paralleled by the ongoing rollout of curbside composting citywide, targeting a record reduction in landfill-bound waste. The program has already demonstrated its effectiveness, with a 38 percent decrease in active rat signs observed in areas where composting was introduced.

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