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New York celebrates Community Organizers Day to honor unsung heroes

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As New Yorkers prepare for the summer, a call to honor the unsung heroes of our communities has been issued.

Sheikh Musa Drammeh, co-founder of Community Organizers Day, has urged all residents to mark June 21st as a day to celebrate and recognize the tireless efforts of community organizers and activists across the state.

In a heartfelt message to fellow New Yorkers, Sheikh Musa Drammeh emphasized the crucial role that community organizers play in our daily lives

“Community Organizers are people who represent all backgrounds, walks of life, genders, ages, lived experiences, neighborhoods, and socioeconomic status. They deal with all community issues and are oftentimes the unofficial primary guardians and protectors of their communities,” he said.

Community organizers, Sheikh Musa noted, are the vital pillars of our societies, tirelessly working without compensation or formal recognition. They stand at the forefront of important community issues, striving to improve quality of life, maintain public safety, and nurture neighborliness.

“Against this backdrop of their immense importance, we humbly ask all New Yorkers to joyously and festively observe Community Organizers Day on June 21st,” Sheikh Musa stated.

The annual Community Organizers Day, initiated to celebrate these community champions, encourages New Yorkers to organize or participate in events that honor and support local organizers and activists. It is a day to recognize their dedication, perseverance, and contributions towards building stronger and safer communities.

“We invite you to organize or participate in its celebration with neighbors and to honor community organizers/activists in your respective neighborhoods during the day,” he added.

The call to observe Community Organizers Day statewide is a reminder of the unity and strength that community organizers bring to New York’s neighborhoods. Their efforts impact our lives in profound ways, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity across diverse communities.

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