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Jimmy Kimmel roasts Trump over Nazi video

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Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel delivered a blistering critique of former President Donald Trump after the MAGA campaign shared a controversial video on Truth Social, invoking imagery reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

“Trump or his team, someone shared this video on Truth Social last night,” Kimmel said during his monologue. The video showcased headlines from a hypothetical Trump 2024 victory, including the alarming phrase “a unified Reich.” Kimmel highlighted this sinister reference, noting that Nazi Germany called itself the Third Reich.

“The good news is Trump wants to bring the country together, the bad news is that country is Germany in 1933,” Kimmel quipped, drawing laughter from his audience.

Kimmel continued his takedown, sarcastically suggesting that Trump himself didn’t post the video but rather “one of the junior Nazis who work for him.” This was followed by a series of sharp jabs, including a humorous speculation about Trump adopting a Hitler mustache to finally sway his supporters.

Adding financial woes to the mix, Kimmel pointed out that shares in Trump’s media company had dropped 10%, with the company reporting significant losses.

“Truth Social has now lost so much money they may have to change their name to Red Lobster,” Kimmel joked. He noted that many analysts haven’t seen such financial disasters since previous Trump business ventures.

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