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Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson raises African Union flag on Africa Day

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In a landmark event, Vanessa Gibson, the Bronx Borough President, made history by raising the African Union flag for the first time at the Borough Hall.

This significant occasion commemorated the 61st Africa Day and marked a moment of pride and unity for the African community in the Bronx.

The event drew a distinguished crowd, including numerous African diplomats and dignitaries, who came together to celebrate this symbolic gesture.

The ceremony underscored the Bronx’s commitment to diversity and the recognition of the African diaspora’s contributions to the borough.

Borough President Gibson expressed her enthusiasm and pride in leading this historic event, highlighting the importance of cultural recognition and solidarity.

Gibson said, “Here at Bronx Bar Hall. We were so proud to raise the African Union flag here just to affirm 61 years of the African Union of all of the great contributions that the African community has made to our Bronx and beyond.

“We are so proud to represent the largest population of African families that live here in the Bronx, that work here, that raise their families, that are part of the fabric of our community culture, diversity, heritage, from the food, from the dress, to everything that the African diaspora represents.

“We are all one Africa, and I’m so proud to represent that here in the Bronx. And for the first time in our borough’s history, we’re officially raising the AE flag, and that’s historical in itself, but also affirms that the African people are a part of our community. They’re here to stay. They are just the story of the immigrant community.

“We all have an immigrant story of coming here for the American dream of working hard to raise our families, putting our children in great schools, and being business owners and entrepreneurs. That’s what the African community represents. So I am proud to serve as more president, so proud to work with so many of our partners, including our African Advisory Council, African Communities together, the Peace Coalition, the New York City Commission on Human Rights.

“We’ve had consulate generals here from Morocco, from uh, the Ivory Coast. We are so proud to represent those from Ghana, from Gambia, from um, Liberia, from the Ivory Coast, from Nigeria, from Holly, from Guinea. Uh, so many different, uh, parts of the African continent that are right here in the Bronx. And for that we are so grateful. Our strength is in our unity.

“And when we are united, we are powerful. We are better together and I firmly believe that. So while we raise the au flag today and we affirm the important contributions of the African community, we are proud to work with the African community every single day. So while this is the first flag raising, it will not be the last. So thank you so much to all of our leaders and to my team.

“We say thank you and to all of my brothers and sisters of the African diaspora, thank you so much for what you do for the borough, thank you for your contributions, your impact, the difference, the legacy that you make. And we look forward to building a better and brighter Bronx for all of God’s people.”

The African Advisory Council played a pivotal role in organizing the event, ensuring that it was both meaningful and memorable. Special recognition was given to David Ahmed Coulibaly for his efforts and contributions to the African community in the Bronx.

Congratulations poured in from various quarters, celebrating this historic achievement and the strengthened ties between the African community and the broader Bronx populace. This event set a precedent for future cultural commemorations and emphasized the borough’s dedication to honoring its diverse population.

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