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“Laugh at Him”: George Conway reveals Trump’s Kryptonite

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Republican lawyer George Conway, known for his outspoken criticism of Donald Trump, shared a controversial strategy to get under the former president’s skin: laugh at him.

During his segment, Conway, husband of former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, didn’t hold back. He asserted that the United States has yet to engage in a “full national conversation” about Trump’s “profoundly sick psychological condition.” Citing the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Conway labeled Trump as a sociopath with narcissistic personality disorder.

“This needs to be talked about openly,” Conway insisted. “When Trump acts in ways that align with these disorders, it needs to be highlighted. It drives him nuts when people point it out.”

Conway suggested that highlighting Trump’s erratic behavior only exacerbates his instability, leading to more instances that demonstrate his unfitness. “Pointing out these facts will make Trump even more ‘crazy,’ causing him to act out,” he said. “Then you have more video evidence to prove he’s unwell.”

Offering advice to liberals, Conway emphasized the effectiveness of mockery over anger. “The people who support Trump like when liberals get mad; that’s why they like Trump,” he noted. “You can make fun of him and mock him. This is what these shows do.”

Daily Show correspondent Ronny Chieng chimed in, acknowledging that this was the very essence of their show. Conway concurred, adding that late-night host Jimmy Kimmel plays “an important role” in this approach through his ongoing satirical attacks on Trump.

Conway’s main message was clear: ridicule Trump to expose his weaknesses, but do not underestimate the serious implications of his behavior on the country. “Laugh at him,” Conway urged. “Now, that doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate the seriousness of what would happen to this country.”

By advocating for humor as a weapon, Conway’s strategy provides a fresh perspective on how to confront Trump’s enduring influence in American politics.

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