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VP Kamala Harris blasts Trump for NRA allegiance, gun violence inaction

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In a stirring speech during a campaign stop in Maryland, Vice President Kamala Harris sharply criticized former President Donald Trump for his ties to the NRA and his inaction on gun violence, calling his approach a threat to American lives.

“The fight that we are in to end the horror of gun violence presents one point that is clear about this November, that the choice in November is clear,” Harris declared, emphasizing the stark differences between the current administration and Trump’s presidency.

Highlighting her administration’s stance, she stated, “Whereas the President and I stood up to the NRA and the gun lobby, Donald Trump bowed down.” Harris recounted Trump’s failure to act after the tragic shootings in El Paso and Dayton, accusing him of capitulating to the gun lobby and opposing necessary gun safety reforms.

Harris also refuted Trump’s claims about rising violent crime, noting, “Donald Trump often likes to say violent crime is up under our administration while in fact violent crime is now near a fifty-year low.” She pointed out that due to Trump’s lack of action on gun violence, “America saw the largest increase in the murder rate in modern history” during his term.

Warning of the dangers of a second Trump term, Harris predicted, “If he were to win in November, you can bet that he will repeal our Bipartisan Gun Safety Law, reopen gun show loopholes, and veto any gun safety laws.”

She reminded the audience of Trump’s dismissive stance on gun violence, quoting him saying, “Get over it.”

Harris urged Maryland voters to use their power in the upcoming election, saying, “This November you have the power to elect leaders who have actually kept our communities safe.”

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