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Republicans launch $2m Ad Blitz against Trump’s ‘Absolute Immunity’ claim

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Donald Trump faced a major setback this week as a coalition of Republicans unveiled a $2 million ad campaign dismantling his controversial assertion of “absolute immunity.” The campaign, orchestrated by Republicans for the Rule of Law, took the MAGA faction by surprise.

The sophisticated ad features 25 conservatives emphasizing their commitment to the rule of law over Trump’s claim to immunity. “Our constitutional system is predicated on legal accountability and equal justice under the law, even for presidents and past presidents,” stated Sarah Longwell, the group’s executive director. “Conservatives feel this in our bones: No man or woman is above the law. In this case, that means rejecting the ‘absolute immunity’ claim.”

Trump has argued that his status as a former president grants him immunity from prosecution for various alleged crimes. This notion, critics say, essentially positions him as a figure above legal consequences. The Supreme Court is currently deliberating on the issue, with a ruling expected in the coming weeks.

The ad campaign will be broadcast in eleven strategically chosen states, particularly those where the argument for immunity has seen the least traction and where the legal debates are most impactful. This initiative underscores a significant intra-party divide and reinforces the message that accountability applies to everyone, including former presidents.

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