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Retail Giant Kohl’s snubs GOP, declines sponsorship for Milwaukee RNC

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In a significant blow to former President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee, retail giant Kohl’s has announced it will not sponsor any events related to the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Milwaukee, despite the city being home to Kohl’s first store, opened in 1927.

“Kohl’s is not a political organization nor donor and is not sponsoring nor engaging in any specific RNC events,” a company spokesperson stated. “We support the business community through the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce.”

The decision comes at a tumultuous time for the GOP, as the RNC is set to nominate Trump, who will become the first convicted felon in U.S. history to receive a major party’s presidential nomination. This development adds to the increasing perception of the MAGA brand as increasingly controversial.

With Kohl’s distancing itself from the event, the move underscores the widening rift between major businesses and the current Republican Party, signaling broader implications for corporate-political relationships.

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