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Broker for Mexican cartels, 28 others indicted in drug, money laundering conspiracy

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A man accused of brokering deals for Mexican drug cartels, along with 28 others, has been indicted on charges of drug trafficking and money laundering conspiracy.

According to the indictment, since at least 2017, the suspect, identified as Rosas-Vargas, operated as a Mexico-based broker. He allegedly secured fentanyl, methamphetamine, and cocaine from various drug cartels, which were then delivered to the St. Louis area and other locations.

The indictment also details how Rosas-Vargas and his co-conspirators laundered drug proceeds by wiring money back to Mexico and using couriers to transport large cash shipments.

In a motion to detain Rosas-Vargas until his trial, prosecutors further allege that he organized the transport of undocumented immigrants from Mexico into the U.S. These individuals were reportedly coerced into working off debts ranging from $5,000 to $11,000 by participating in drug trafficking operations.

This case highlights the extensive network and sophisticated operations of drug trafficking organizations, as well as the severe exploitation of undocumented immigrants within these illegal enterprises.

The indictment represents a significant step in disrupting the flow of narcotics and illegal funds across borders.

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