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Justice Clarence Thomas under fire, admits GOP Megadonor funded luxurious Bali trip

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Republican Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has admitted that GOP megadonor Harlan Crow paid for his extravagant 2019 trip to Bali, raising serious ethical concerns.

This disclosure, detailed in an end note of Thomas’ latest financial report, follows a bombshell ProPublica investigation last year that exposed Thomas’ lavish, undisclosed travels funded by wealthy benefactors. Despite the report’s exposure of the Bali trip, Thomas initially omitted it from his financial disclosures.

In his latest filing, Thomas acknowledges that Harlan and Kathy Crow financed the trip, yet conspicuously omits the cost, likely due to the exorbitant price tag that would further tarnish his reputation. Additionally, the report reveals that the Crows also covered expenses for Thomas’ visit to a private club in Monte Rio, California, during the same period.

Critics argue that Thomas’ belated disclosure isn’t driven by a newfound sense of accountability but rather by the inevitability of public knowledge. Many view this as evidence of Thomas’ belief that he is above the law, accepting lavish gifts and bribes while allegedly prioritizing corporate and special interests over the American people.

This latest scandal underscores the growing calls for stricter ethical standards and transparency for Supreme Court justices, as the integrity of the nation’s highest court remains under scrutiny.

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